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Have you been dreaming of driving a snowmobile and reach far out in the untouched wilderness? Drive to place you otherwise can’t reach surrounded by mountains and beautiful views? We offer both shorter and longer snowmobile tours in Abisko National park and Björkliden. When our mountain station Låktatjåkko opens in spring it’s also possible to go there by snowmobile and enjoy their famous waffles!

    General information

    The tour starts with a safety introduction by our educated guides. Safety is important for us on the tours. This is an activity for the whole family an experience you can’t resist. We recommend warm clothes as the activity goes outside. Minimum age 5 years. Children age 5-7 sits in a sled behind the guide. Older children sits behind a parent on the snomobile. Book your snowmobile adventure today!

    For the tours taking place in Abisko National park, your guide will meet you at the entrance of Hotel Fjället and take you by car to the starting point.


The snowmobile adventure to Låkktatjåkko starts from the parking lot below Hotell Fjället in Björkliden. The review of the snowmobiles takes place efficiently and there is also a chance to drive a small test round before we leave. We start the climb quite immediately and up on the plateau Rakkaslakku we get to enjoy sweeping views in all directions. After lunch we take the snowmobiles to explore the mountains a little more, maybe a trip down to the wolf pass and then return to Björkliden again.

Price: from 2095 SEK



Explore the wonderful winter landscape in Abisko National Park and drive on the world famous Kungsleden (King’s trail)! We will be traveling through the magnificent mountain scenery of Abisko with high mountains, frozen lakes and swamps, as well as great views of Torneträsk, Sweden´s second largest lake. With some luck we might get a glimpse of the wildlife in the National Park. Along the route we will take a break and enjoy a traditional Swedish fika, a hot drink and cookies. We travel in small groups of maximum 8 people to ensure an exclusive experience. There will be time to take photos along the way. If you choose to share a snowmobile you will have the opportunity to swap driver during the tour.

Price: from 1495 SEK



2-hour snowmobile ride that starts from Björkliden where the combination of good snow conditions and fantastic views gives us the best conditions.

Even if you have limited time available, this is the ultimate 2-hour snowmobile ride. You ride a state-of-the-art eco-friendly snowmobile and follow the guide’s trail. The activity starts with a review of safety and driving instructions before we set off in a band out on the trail.

After just a short climb up to the heights, you get to take part in driving on a frozen lake with a view that leaves traces in the memory. You will be amazed at how efficiently and fast you can reach larger areas on the snow. We always stop a little longer in connection with the guide offering hot drinks and snacks while we enjoy the views and the guide’s stories of the area.

Price: from 1495 SEK



This tour will take you deeper into the wonderful winter landscape of Abisko National Park and beyond. We will drive on Kungsleden/King´s trail up to the lake Abiskojaure. We cross the lake and we will continue along the upper part of the Abiskojokka river. Along the route we will take a break and enjoy a traditional Swedish fika, a hot drink and cookies. With some luck we might get a glimpse of the wildlife in the National Park.

Price: from 1995 SEK



An evening of nature’s beauty – maybe a moonlight sky with the aurora’s green flames licking the sky.

Seeing the Northern Lights may require a little patience and how can you best resolve the situation? We take you on an exciting snowmobile ride a bit up on the bare mountain where the conditions for a spectacle of the polar night’s phenomenon occur best. We start our tours as usual with a safety and driving instructions before we head out into the cold dark night, the light of the snowmobile lights illuminates the trail as we drive. Where the guide considers it a suitable place to stay protected from the weather and wind, we park the snowmobiles. When we put out, we concentrate and concentrate on what nature has to offer us. A pleasant fire can gild our moment while we have a snack and a hot drink. When we return from the tour, the night is young, and it is perfect for you to continue searching for the aurora on you own.

Price: from 1695 SEK


Terms and conditions

We reserves the right to cancel tours due to weather conditions. In such case you will be refunded the whole amount.We reserves the right to change the tours by the conditions– Make a decision whether a guest should change from driving a snowmobile to be a passenger instead.– Changing the starting point due to snow conditions.– In some cases the maximum number of guests on a tour is changed.We have the right to refuse a guest the right to drive a snowmobile if, in our opinion, there is any security risk. Guests who cannot communicate in English, Swedish or any language spoken by the guide, are not allowed to drive a snowmobile and will join the tour as passengers instead.Consumption of alcohol or other drugs is not permitted on any of our tours. The guides have the right to deny guests under the influence from joining any tour. Please note – A driver’s license for a snowmobile, car, mc, moped or tractor is required in order to drive a snowmobileAccording to Swedish law, the use of a helmet is required, in order to drive a snowmobile. This also includes passengers traveling on the snowmobile. Helmets will be provided.If a guest causes damage to a snowmobile, they are obliged to pay an insurance fee of up to SEK 8,000.