Dogsled tour

From 1650 SEK

Do you want to feel the wind on your face, without steep slopes or engine noise? Go for a tour with our Alaskan huskies.

    When: December 16, 2019 – April 30, 2020

    Day & time: Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday & Saturday at 09.30-12.00 & 13.00-15.30

    Price: 1 650 SEK per adult, 850 SEK per child. Including in the price is warm clothing (overall, gloves and shoes) and a great experience.

    Participants: Maximum 8 people.

    Meeting point: The reception at hotel Fjället.

    Note: The minimum age for this activity is 7 years.

Mans best friend

Exactly when humans started using dogs for pulling sleds is not known. It was
probably the indigenous people of Mongolia and eastern Siberia who were first, when they had to travel long distances during winter. There are a
number of popular sled dog breeds and our mushers mainly use Alaskan huskies. Among sled dogs, Alaska Huskies are considered more compliant and more explosive than, for example, Greenland Dogs and Alaskan Malamutes, which is better suited to pull heavier loads at lower speeds.


This is our classic dogsled tour. You will be pulled by strong dogs comfortly be seatet in a sled out in the untouched nature. The tour instantly take you out in the wilderness where we cruise through magnificent mountains and miles wide views.Our sled dog tours take place either in the surroundings around Björkliden or near the National Park in Abisko, depending on the weather conditions.You won’t come closer to nature than this. This activity suit all ages and no physical fitness is needed. If you haven’t tried Dogsledding before, this is your chance. Book now!